2 days ago
100T Aphromoo On Facing Fan Criticism - "I mean…it really sucks. Everybody wants to be talked about in a good way, but the negative stuff just comes with the job. You have to deal with it."
Out of all the players in LCS right now, Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black is likely one of the most divisive figures. Hardly a week goes by without another thread about what […]
2 days ago
Washington Justice Signs Support Player Yeon-jun "ArK" Hong From NYXL
In what could go down as one of the biggest signings during the second season of the Overwatch League, the Washington Justice have signed veteran main Support Yeon-jun "ArK" Hong […]
3 days ago
Ryu | Smash Character Spotlight
One of the most recognizable characters within the world of fighting, we will be looking at Street Fighter's main protagonist, Ryu. […]
3 days ago
Breaking It Down: Washington Justice's Disappointing Stage 1 Performance
The Washington Justice have been one of the major disappointments of the first stage of Overwatch League. Looking hopelessly outclassed in GOATS matchup after GOATS matchup (although they managed to […]
3 days ago
C9 Nisqy On The Strength Of TSM - I think both teams are very strong. They have different playstyles, but I feel like TSM might be better than Team Liquid right now."
6 days ago
PROfiles: Min-seong "Diem" Ba | Overwatch League Player Profile
8 days ago
Wobbling Ban? Quick Thoughts on the New SSBM Rule Set Update