6 days ago
Joker | Smash Character Spotlight
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally added Joker from Persona 5 on April 17 as part of the game's first Challenger Pack. Joker’s Final Smash, named All-Out Attack, will summon […]
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Symmetra, Pharmercy & Baptiste Bunker | Overwatch League Stage 2 Meta Explained By The Pros
The meta in Stage 2 may have initially started off with teams returning to their comfort zone of GOATS, but in the past few weeks, we've seen a variety of […]
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How To Reinhardt ft. Super, Mano & Fusions | Overwatch League Pro Tips
With the advent of the 3-3 meta, Reinhardt has become of one the most staple Tank heroes in the Overwatch meta at all-tiers of play. In the Overwatch League this […]
10 days ago
PROfiles: Harrison "Kruise" Pond | Overwatch League Player Profile
Harrison "Kruise" Pond is a British player currently playing as a Support for the Paris Eternal in the Overwatch League. Kruise is a veteran in the Overwatch player with years […]
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The Second Wind Story - What Makes This Contenders Team So Special?
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Reviewing Boston Uprising's NotE for rCk Trade With The Dallas Fuel - Who Got The Better Deal?
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Montreal Rebellion Shakes Up Their Tank Line Up As They Part Ways With Chayne, Hooey, and Nomy