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Tue Jun 28 2016
Best NA Overwatch Player Brandon 'Seagull' Larned Korean Interview - Translated
Many FPS pro players have appeared in North America and Europe. One of the best North American Overwatch players, Luminosity Gaming (LG)'s Brandon 'Seagull' Larned was interviewed in Korea by Inven.

Q: Hello Seagull, would you introduce yourself to your fans please?

S: Hello everyone, I'm Luminosity Gaming's Overwatch pro-gamer 'Seagull'. My main Heroes are Pharah, Junkrat, Hanzo, Genji.

Q: Which game did you play before you became an Overwatch pro-gamer?

S: I have played Team Fortress 2 for 7 years since I was 15, a high school student. Not only playing games, I also participated in other competitions. I have also played various other games, but I mostly played MMORPG games such as World of Warcraft.

Q: Why did you join an Overwatch team?

S: Choosing the right game was important to me as a pro-gamer. Team Fortress 2 was good but it was awkward to be an Esports. The market and a number of fans were not so large, so it is fair to say that there were no genuine pro-gamers. In contrast, Overwatch has the potential to be a major game in the market so I thought it would be able make my dreams come true and I was always thinking of becoming a major FPS game pro-gamer.

Q: As you say, there is a major FPS game 'CS:GO'. Why didn't you start to play CS:GO?

S: I prefer to play fast-paced games. CS:GO is a very strategic game but a little bit slow-paced. I have always liked fast-paced FPS games, and I don't want to miss that aspect. In addition, CS:GO has many things I have yet to learn. When CS:GO was starting to become popular, I was a college student so I didn't want to spend the time to learn a new style of FPS game.

Q: Luminosity Gaming hasn't had any great achievements yet. What do you think could be the reason?

S: Overwatch is not your typical FPS game. We have players with potential, but we haven't had a chance to show off our abilities. We are still training to understand this game such as how to protect our supports, how to target opponents first etc...

In my opinion, our game experience like playing Team Fortress 2 and other FPS games is a double-edged sword. We are just 'noobs' who can kill opponents well. When enough time has passed, we will have improved.

Yesterday(June 26), We won against C9 but missed the OG invitational Cup thanks to EnVyUs. It proved that we are getting better. EnVyUs is the only western team who has gone through a training camp. so it would take a while for us to catch up to them. We are planning to spend more time on practicing. These days, I run my own stream for 5 hours a day and spend the time to play scrimmages with other teams.

I think players who have a potential are more important than the current "good" players. I don't want to be a player who was good but is getting worse.

Q:  You seem to be professional. You would be no.1 if you had a training camp.

S: Probably. I heard that most Korean pro-gamer teams have training camps. Most western teams now have training camps just for defeating Korean teams.

Q: Interesting. To be honest, many Korean people say that it is hard for Korean teams to win against North American and European teams in FPS games. Do you think a Korean Overwatch team would be a strong team?

S: I think Korean people have never focused much on FPS games compared to Starcraft and League of Legends. I believe good players appear when their gift combines with their contributions. Korean Overwatch team will make a big effort. Overwatch is becoming the most popular game in Korea right now so a lot of good Korean players will be able to form strong teams.

It is true that North American and European teams have an advantage in FPS games, however; Overwatch is not a typical FPS game which has cool a time concept like LoL so Korean teams have an advantage.

Q: You know Korean gaming circumstances well. Do you know any (Overwatch)Korean teams or players?

S: Yes, I know UW, LW, MiG team. I am trying to watch the Korean Overwatch competition (scene?). Especially I respect MIG players' passion. UW's 'Lime' was in the western discord pro-channel which is our 3 members involved, but I don't know Korean team well because of the language barrier.

Q: Let's move on to Heroes. You said McCree is still good even though he got nerfed last patch. Would you tell me about that?

S: Yesterday, When we played with EnVyUs in the OG final. I played Pharah. They picked Soldier:76 and McCree to kill me. As a result, we were totally beaten. That combination is efficient to cut down Pharah or Mercy. Because of McCree's Peacekeeper nerf, detailed aiming is required to play him. Unless you keep getting headshots, Soldier:76 would be better.

Q: How about Zarya? After the 'Geguri' issue, Many players now pick Zarya.

S: She is a good hero. I think all western teams pick Zarya only in 'Control mode'. Zarya is not good for maps with hills or high buildings, but she is still not bad.

Now Western competitions have a rule where players can't pick duplicates, however; in the ESL competition qualifier which will begin next week, allows teams to pick same heroes so we could show off one of our favorite strategies '2 Winston.'

Q: You said your main heroes are Pharah and Junkrat. Those heroes have a hard time aiming at opponents. Do you have any tips?

S: It is hard to explain that. Mostly, I depend on my gut feeling. I can give an advice "Just play and gain lots experience". When you play Pharah and Junkrat type of heroes, you should try to forecast your opponent's movements for better aiming and you should figure out the best angles in a custom game.

Q: Thank you for the interview. Please give a comment to your fans.

S: Thank you to all my fans who love to watch my videos. I didn't know that I have Korean fans. Again, Thank you a lot!

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