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Fri Jun 24 2016
Geguri on playing on UW ARTISAN, Zarya Advice & Akaros - Translated Interview

In the gaming community, it can be hard to change people's views and preconceived ideas of you once they start circulating the internet. Sadly, this is especially true if you are a professional female gamer. Recently, UW ARTISAN's 'Geguri' Se-yeon Kim was accused of using an aim-hack program and has been harassed and even received death threats from other players. However, this young high school girl stood her ground and proved her ability, going against the stereotype that female players can't play on a professional level with her performance on Zarya streamed lived.

We all know this part of the story, but recently Geguri came out and addressed questions in an interview with Inven that the community was itching to know, now that she was in the spotlight.

Q. Please introduce yourself to your fans.

Geguri: Hello, I am UW ARTISAN's sub-tanker and the youngest 'Geguri' Se-yeon Kim!

Q. Why did you decide to hold a live broadcast?

G: I thought my issue was getting more controversial so my mind was made up and I decided to show off my skills.

Q.Your stunning Zarya play is a hot topic. Could you give us a few tips on how to play well as a Zarya?

G: Well, first of all, the laser (Particle cannon) should be focused on your opponent's center part and follow them when they are moving. And don't save ultimate skill (Graviton Surge). Use that skill for cutting down the opponent's important heroes. For example, throw that skill onto a Mercy who is just starting to use her ultimate skill(Resurrect), but the primary purpose is to use the ultimate ability to protect your team.

Q. You were very quiet when you appeared on the broadcast, but you seem to very active in tweeter. What's your actual personality?

G: I'm very shy, but I'm active only by online.

Q. Many people wonder if you can play other heroes. What's your favorite hero other than Zarya?

G: Many people have asked me 'why don't you play dealer heroes?'. Well...I don't play other champions much, but I think my second hero is Roadhog.

Q. During the start of UW ARTISAN, you were not on the team. When did you join UW ARTISAN?

G: When I play solo games, I met UW ARTISAN's party. To be honest, I almost quit because so many players told me. "your play is bad." UW ARTISAN was good, so I sent them a message. Then we played together, and they asked me to join their team. UW ARTISAN already has 'Akaros' Jisu-Jang who is female pro-gamer so It was easy to decide to join the team.

Q. 'Akaros' Jisu-Jang and you were a hot issue because of your fabulous play and being both female pro-gamers. Could you tell us about Jisu-Jang as a team member?

G: Jisu-Jang is our team leader. She plays very well and efficiently shot calls, so it is really comfortable to play with her also she protects me when I make mistakes. Personally, She is the most reliable team member.

Q. When you decided to be a pro-gamer, weren't you concerned about training such as staying in a place with other people?

G: There was another female pro-gamer (Jisu-Jang) and other members who are very kind, so I wasn't concerned about that, and I thank my team members.

Q. You got a ticket to go Nexus Cup as one of the Korean teams. Would you tell us a comment?

G: Thank you, everyone, for supporting us. So many people sent a message on Twitter and saying that 'want to see your broadcast'. I am going to show my private broadcasts soon. I will not disappoint you and will practice becoming a champion.

Image credit: Inven

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