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Fri Sep 02 2016
KPI Gaming joins the CS:GO and Hearthstone scene

On September 1st, 2016, KPI Gaming joined the Esports scene by creating teams for CS:GO and Hearthstone. KPI Gaming plans to reach the top in the Spanish Esports scene. KPI Gaming’s CS:GO team consists of players from strong teams such as Infinity and K1ck.

KPI Gaming’s CS:GO roster:

  • Javier “dragunov” Sánchez
  • Juan “meisoN” Carlos Chacón
  • Victor “xikii” García
  • Alejandro “ALEX” Masanet
  • Francesc “donQ” Savall Garcia
KPI Gaming’s Hearthstone roster:
  • Alvaro “Ramekiano” Rame
  • Joan “K1NG” Room
  • Cristian “Genghis” Lopez
  • Alberto “Elros” Lopez
It is unknown whether KPI Gaming will venture into other Esports games in the future.

Image Credit: KPI Gaming

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