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Tue Nov 08 2016
Crumbz Announces The Agency for Professional Esports

Former head coach of Apex Pride and veteran League of Legends jungler, Alberto 'Crumbz' Rengifo has announced on his YouTube channel that he will be involved in the founding of an Esports player agency.

According to the announcement video, the Agency for Professional Esports (APE), was founded in partnership with NFL and Hollywood agents/lawyers such as Jason Gaope who plan to work with players in improving their lifestyle and the professionalism of the Esports industry:

What's being built is an Agency for Professional Esports; APE for short. The whole goal of APE is to provide services to the clients that range from contract negotiations, individual sponsorships, branding, and post-career management.


- Alberto 'Crumbz' Rengifo

He listed a few of the duties that APE will perform which include but are not limited to:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Free Agency
  • Handling buyouts
  • Marketing
  • Media training
  • Financial planning
  • Post career management
Rengifo explains that one APE's objectives will be to take away as many of responsibilities from the players as possible to free up more time to help them enjoy the Esports scene and pursue a social life and personal interests. By having an agency, Esports will reach a new level of transparency and professionalism that should counter the malpractice that we've seen in the Esports industry. Investors coming into the Esports scene from a traditional sports background understand the need for player agents and more player benefits so that their careers don't end in their early twenties.

APE aims to help players have a career after their time in the professional scene. APE will be there to help negotiate for of behalf of the players when contracts are drafted to help them receive whatever they need to play at the top of their game. He says APE also plans to negotiate for more player rewards for accomplishments such as KDA, MVP awards, and how far a team advances in a tournament similar to traditional stick and ball sports.

Image credit: LoL Esports

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