[Translated Interview] Faker: "No such thing as a bad champion"

Mon Nov 14 2016 - a year ago

SK Telecom T1 continues their dominant form, defeating MVP 2-0 at the KeSPA Cup. Worlds MVP Faker has shocked the community by picking mid Galio, a champion that has seen almost no play in the competitive scene.

Daily eSports and Akshon Esports have collaborated to bring you this fully translated interview of SKT Faker.

Q: You've received the MVP after defeating MVP.

A: I'm glad we've continued the tradition of KeSPA Cup by upsetting the strong favorites in MVP (laughs).

Q: Is there a reason you've picked Galio?

A: Galio is a champion that I've been preparing for a long time, but didn't have a chance to use. In LoL I don't think there is such a thing as a bad champion, so picks like Galio or Nunu seem legitimate to me.

Q: Are there champions other than Galio that you have prepared?

A: I think most are usable.  I won't reveal anything, though.

Q: SKT has never won the KeSPA Cup.

A: We want to win in a tournament that we haven't won, but aside from that, we want to be known for winning every tournament we have attended.

Q: You've earned the opportunity to head down to Busan.  Who do you think you will face in the semifinals?

A: I think there's a trend of weaker teams making it deep.  I think we also beat MVP because we were considered the weaker team (laughs). I think it would be more fun for Jin Air to advance than the Worlds semifinalists ROX Tigers.

Q: What are your expectations for this KeSPA Cup?

A: When we lost in the 2015 KeSPA Cup, we badly wanted to win the next year.  Last time we went to Busan, we had to come back after two days, but I want to stay there longer this time.

Image credit: Daily eSports