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Mon Jan 09 2017
Faker - "80% of my daily thoughts are League of Legends"

SK Telecom T1 and Faker is hot off their 3rd World Championship in 4 years, but you couldn't convince them to a longer vacation if you paid them.

In an interview conducted by Sport Chosun reporter Jung-suk Nam, the greatest player in League history is still hungry as ever for the prestigious Summoner's Cup. The 2017 season will be no different - with a potential All Star lineup of Faker, Huni, Peanut, Bang, and Wolf, SKT will be looking to solidify their team synergy and take over the LCK from the get-go.

But when asked of his expectations for the 2017 season, Faker sounded as calm and collected as ever:


Unlike the previous 2 years where it was a race of around 3 teams, this season will be like the early days of LCK, where no team is guaranteed a victory.

Of course it won't be easy, but we feel our team is stronger than last year, so obviously our goal is to win. And going to Worlds and three-peating is our duty.With long-time rivals KT Rolster forming a team with Smeb, Score, PawN, Deft, and Mata, SKT is looking at an LCK where every competitive team is built to dethrone the World Champions. With Longzhu-IM adding the PraY-Gorilla duo and Samsung Galaxy's roster still intact, even making it to Worlds may be more difficult than previous years.

And with 4 years under his belt, Faker knows this is no time to stop for celebrations. Now a veteran in the League of Legends scene, Faker believes that current expectations demand his team to reach that next level.

At first, I was just happy getting paid a lot at a young age. But now I have more expectations to meet.
I still don't think my level of play justifies my salary or the fans' adulation, so I have to work harder.
I think the general attitude towards pro gamers and eSports is still negative. I think it's also my duty to change this attitude.
80% of my daily thoughts are League of Legends. 10% is thinking I'm sleepy, while the rest is about health or my day-to-day life.
If SKT wins this year, they will have won 4 out of 7 World Championships in League of Legends history. If we discount the first two seasons in which he didn’t play, Faker will have won 4 out of 5 possible championships, including a three-peat.

Certainly Jordanesque.

Image credit: LOL esports

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