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Fri Jan 06 2017
Highschoolers Have Invented A Way To Play Overwatch In VR

Have you ever thought of playing Overwatch in Virtual Reality? With a bit of ingenuity and craftsmanship, you can now immerse yourself as Soldier: 76 with your own homemade VR console.

A group of Korean high school students in a science club have developed a console called Sata-watch that provides an immersive VR Overwatch experience. Their setup allows for multi-directional movement, a gun to control one's fire, and stimulate many aspects of playing as Soldier:76. For example if you want to use your Tactical Visor ultimate ability you can touch your headset similar to Soldier:76.

The items required to construct the setup include VR headset, a smartphone, an IMU sensor, an arduino chip, a button, a ball bearing, a computer, a copy of Overwatch, and lastly a motion detection device. In the video, they go over how you can install your own setup and construct the motion detection device that bears a striking resemblance to a Virtuix Omni minus the ability to run in place.

While there is a slight lag in responsiveness, this is a major achievement especially given their age and the relatively cheap resources required to setup this system. Their efforts to simulate the character movements is unique and an immersive feat that enhance the player experience. Of course it would be unfair to use this setup in a real match versus players with a computer, but it would be interesting to see a 6 v 6 match featuring players using this console fighting it out in virtual reality.

Would you attempt this project?

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