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Thu Jan 26 2017
[Interview] SKT Huni: "If Camille doesn't get banned, I'll make sure to show you a hard-carry performance."

For SK Telecom T1, winning back-to-back Worlds and every known international competition just means there is more room for improvement.

With their recent win against ROX Tigers, they are now 3-0 to start the season, sharing the number one spot with KT Rolster. It was somewhat of an expected result, but SKT is 6-0 in total games, while looking like they are playing against Diamond players in a 5-man dynamic queue.

The biggest talk this off-season for SKT was without a doubt, the addition of Huni and Peanut to their roster. Peanut was expected to adapt relatively quickly with the team, but the top lane was a huge uncertainty for this crew. After a long line of franchise-caliber players filling the role at top, Huni was considered a huge gamble by both domestic and foreign fans.

After the first 6 games, all the talk of Profit competing with Huni for a spot on the starting lineup has been completely silenced, as the eccentric top laner proved to be one of the most consistent players on SKT's lineup. Yes, the one with Peanut, Faker, Bang, and Wolf.

But don't let the tank picks and his relatively-tame temperament fool you. Outside of the player booth and in front of the mic, he looked just as confident, jovial, and... talkative as his usual self.

Akshon Esports collaborate with Daily eSports to bring you this fully translated video interview of SKT Huni.

Q: You're showing an amazing win rate with Maokai. Your performance is great, are you satisfied?

A: I'm happy - I think I completely wiped out this notion that Huni can't play tanks, which was something that was said a lot when I signed with SKT. To be honest, I didn't really look at Maokai in a positive light because the one game I played him in Europe didn't go well. After that, even if I played tanks, it would be anything but Maokai, or something like that. But now that I got rid of that impression, I'm very happy, proud, and satisfied that I can put out good performances for the fans.

Q: You played a carry champion for the first time when you played Gangplank against Kongdoo. Comments?

A: I personally love experimental picks, since the patch notes and the meta keeps shifting the game. If a damage dealing champion counters a tank, for example, I think that can change the game, so I've been playing Gangplank in practice. In truth, I'm practicing a lot of carry champions. Tank champions are certainly important as well, so I'm playing a good balance of the two, depending on the team composition. I've had good results with Gangplank, and thought it was a good time to pick him, so I told coach kkOma and he allowed it. Thanks to that, I was able to relax and put out a good performance.

Q: You solo-killed Fiora in set 1 against ROX Tigers. People are impressed by your aggressive play style, solo-killing with a Maokai. Comments?

A: Fiora is famous as a Maokai counter, since her W can block his Twisted Advance, which is a big deal. But one thing led to another, and my aggressiveness resulted in a solo-kill.

Q: You took the red buff in set 2 against ROX. Was it useful when going against Trundle?

A: I ate the Raptors, aka Wraiths, as well as the red buff. Usually, you would see a Trundle heavily pressuring the Maokai, but I was able to withstand the early lane pressure thanks to the jungle CS. Later on, I was able to scale well for team fights or skirmishes that resulted from my aggressiveness and decision-making, so I'm very happy to put out a performance like this.

Q: You must feel slightly disheartened with Camille getting constant bans. Do you have plans on using her?

A: If Camille doesn't get banned, I'm taking her with the first pick no matter what. Whoever my opponents are, I hope they think long and hard about it. If Camille doesn't get banned, I'll make sure to show you a hard-carry performance.

Q: Lastly, any words for the fans?

This is something I always say, but thank you for all the support. I think the fans have a lot of expectations, since I performed pretty well. I'll carry the pressure and expectations, all the way to a championship. I'll do my best, thank you.

Image credit: LOL Esports

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