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Mon Mar 13 2017
Wisdom Leaves Origen; Cyanide Joins As Substitute Jungler

With Origen's loss to Roccat and Giants Gaming last week extending their streak of losses to nine, the team only has four matches left before the end of the season to avoid the Summer Promotion tournament. Similar to Team Liquid in the NA LCS, Origen have also been making their own major roster changes late into the Spring Split with their latest update being the addition of Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki who has replaced Kim "Wisdom" Tae-wan as the team's starting jungler, the organization announced Monday via Twitter.

Ever since joining Origen at the start of the year, Wisdom has been struggling to perform in a role that has become particularly crucial this season in determining the flow of the game and acting as secondary carry. Wisdom's position on the team was suspected of being in jeopardy given his meager 1.2 KDA and his inability to compete with other junglers in the EU LCS in the current jungle meta. According to the announcement, Wisdom has expressed a desire to return to Korea and will not continue as a substitute player.

Cinkrof has already moved into the Origen gaming house and will be making his EU LCS debut this week as the team's substitute junlger for the remainder of the split. Hailing from Poland, Cinkrof previously played for ThunderX3 Baskonia, a team which competed in the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional SuperLiga Orange.

In their announcement, Origen also announced that Lauri "Cyanide" Happonen will act as the team's substitute jungler for the remainder of the split and has already moved into the Origen gaming house. Ireneusz "Iluzjonist" Opaliński will be acting as a support substitute for the team after playing for Origen ESP in the LVP SuperLiga Orange.

In order for Origen to avoid the promotion tournament, they must win their match this week versus Team Vitality and pull ahead with a subsequent victory. If they were to lose this match, the best-case scenario would be for Origen to win their remaining games in hopes of creating a tie for fifth place in their group with Vitality, however; this is a highly unlikely outcome as their final three matches will be against  Splyce, H2k-Gaming, and Unicorns of Love, teams which Origen have struggled against the entire split.

Image credit: Origen

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