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Fri May 05 2017
SKT Huni on Hauntzer's Remarks At Korean Top Laners and Preparing For MSI

Before heading off with the rest of his team to Brazil to compete in the Group Stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational, SKT T1's Top Laner Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon commented on the remarks made by TSM's Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell about Korean Top laners that sparked a bit of controversy in the South Korean community and his thoughts heading into MSI in an interview by Daily eSports' Nam Yun-seong.

Huni expressed that the community should not take Hauntzer's remark from the post-game NA LCS Spring Playoff press conference to heart. "I know about the interview that Hauntzer had regarding the rating of Korean top laners," said Huni. "I think the interview was a little bit exaggerated, but I played for North America in the past, so I am confident."

The controversial statement that has put members of the community on edge was Hauntzer's response of how his experience going up against the hyped up Korean top lane imports felt as if he was playing "mediocre opponents."

With TSM's reverse sweep against GIGABYTE Marines in a series that many had not expected to go into a fifth game, the North American representatives are poised to face off against the defending MSI champions in the Group Stage and the regional representatives from the EU LCS, LMS, and LPL. When asked about his thoughts on going up against TSM, Huni said that he is accustomed to their play style from his encounters while playing on Immortals in the 2016 season. Huni commented that from what his team has seen of TSM so far at MSI, there are weaknesses that could potentially be exploited in the Top lane.

"During the second round of the Play-In stage, when TSM lost twice and then won three times, we thought they made some good plays, but it seems that they have not escaped the tank meta," said Huni

With MSI being played on Patch 7.7, fans have born witness to a new competitive meta with a rise in popular of champions, especially in the top lane, who have unlocked strategies which SKT T1 aims to capitalize upon in order to secure their second MSI title.

"For this tournament, I have expanded my champion pool by practicing champions who have not seen much play in the past such as Kled and Galio," said Huni. "SK Telecom T1 will pick the champions needed to win the championship."

The Group Stage for MSI 2017 will take place in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil kicks off on May 10th featuring Team WE, G2 Esports, Team SoloMid, Flash Wolves, and lastly either SuperMassive or GIGABYTE Marines depending on the results of the final day of the Play-In stage.

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