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Mon Jun 26 2017
King of the Kill IMT Xmithie: All we need to do is just take one game at a time and treat every game like its our last.

After their victories over both Dignitas and CLG this weekend, Immortals have broken the three way tie and cemented themselves as the team to beat in the NA LCS with an impressive 7-1 record. As one of the newest lineups in the league no one knew exactly what to expect, but this weekend solidified them as a force to be reckoned with.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to speak with IMT’s Jungler Xmithie fresh off of his 2-1 victory over Dignitas.

First of all Xmithie congratulations on an awesome win, that was absolutely mind boggling to watch. So what were your thoughts going into your game today after such a decisive victory over CLG yesterday?

Well they are still one of the top, Dignitas is still up in the rankings with us, so I still try to look at the games the same way. I was hoping for a really good game, and that’s what I got.

After your game 1 loss against Dignitas, what were your thoughts going into game 2, and what were the pitfalls you were trying to avoid?

Umm, I guess it was just us mainly thinking we could counter the Zac, but it wasnt really the case because Zac is really, really strong. That was one of the reasons we thought that we lost, and we just fixed that in picks and bans and it was a reset for everyone.

So you guys have dominated the league so far, taking wins off all the other top teams, so now what are your goals going forward?

Our goal is, well the main big picture is getting to worlds. All we need to do is just take one game at a time and treat every game like its our last.

As the current kings of the hill, is there any concern about other teams tailoring your strategies specifically to your team, and how do you plan to respond to that possibility?

I think that’s pretty much what every- or like, that’s what happens every season. So whoever is the top team, people try to learn from them, people try to beat them, and yeah I think it’s a really good strategy, because if they’re the best then they are probably doing something good right? And we just need to keep evolving I guess.

What would you say that Immortals has that other teams don’t?

I don’t really see anything we have that everyone else doesn’t. We just have like really good trust in each other and relying on the call, or relying on the information that’s said, and I think we are just better in that aspect than any other team, because I guess we’re new, and everyone just wants to believe in that person and stuff like that.

As a new member of the roster have you guys do any team building outside of league, and do you all get along outside of the rift?

In the beginning yeah, we even played soccer against Team Liquid and that was pretty fun. We do activities like 2 people, 3 people going to the gym, playing guitar, listening to music, stuff like that, and yeah, everything’s going pretty well.

How do you feel those relationships factor into your gameplay in league?

I don’t think it does, and I don’t think it should affect in game, because like personal and business should never like, you know it should never connect at all. For post game, for like the meetings, I think it affects a lot because like, post game actually matters a lot for improvement. So when you finish the game you could just scrim all day and never pay attention to what you did wrong or what you did right and then youre learning nothing. I think that’s what could happen to our team. So when we are in post game we try to get critical.

Any thoughts on your game with TSM next week?

Hopefully its gonna be a good game, they’ve been coming back, they’ve been playing really, really well, and the first time we played against them they didn’t get much practice since they just got back from MSI. Now they're getting back in form, and yeah we just need to play our best.

Are you nervous going into that game?

Not really much nerves from me since I'm like, pretty much indifferent in every game that we play, and that’s what I like to do.

How has the utilization of patch 7.12 affected your team and your strategy?

I think it’s the same thing as 7.11 meta wise, there were just a lot more champions that came up. Like Rek’Sai became like really really good, so we got that. Umm, and just more bot lane changes like Jhin is back in the game, Tristana is back in the game and just like a lot of champions, but like the meta and the strategy is still the same so there's not much change like Macro-wise.

As the top Gragas jungle NA do you have any advice for aspiring jungle on what they should do to improve?

Learn your weaknesses and hone your strengths, watch replays, watch what you're doing wrong, look at the routes of the top junglers. Just keep playing what you enjoy, its not really...League is not just to win, if you don’t enjoy what your doing [winning] kind of sucks.

Any final thoughts for your fans?

Once again, thank you to everyone for supporting us, and thank you to Omen by HP they're treating really well.

Thank you so much Xmithie and congratulations again on your win.

Thank you.

Catch Xmithie next week facing off against TSM the last top team standing in Immortals way.

Image credit: Riot Games via Flickr

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