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Mon Jun 26 2017
Grace in Defeat: FLY Wildturtle - “We have to build up our communication again”

Over the past few weeks, FlyQuest has really had a tough go of things, with their current 1-7 record, this team full of some of the most experienced and respected players in the league, is getting farther and farther away from a return to the Worlds stage. However, this does not seem to enough keep the spirits of the FLY players down as week after week they show up ready to rock and put forward their best effort. The air of confidence and optimism and motivation that the team displays in the face of defeat is encouraging, and in my opinion the standard to which other teams should aspire.

I had the opportunity to meet with Wildturtle immediately after FLY’s loss to TSM and while that defeat must have been tough, you’d never know it speaking to him.

Thank you very much for meeting with me Wildturtle, I appreciate you coming up even after a loss.

Oh haha, that’s okay I don’t hate interviews like everyone seems to think I do, I don’t know why everyone thinks that.

In your game with TSM how did it feel to play against your former teammates, and did you bring any insights from your experience with them into the game?

I think playing against TSM was pretty much like playing against any other good team, like they’re obviously pretty good and I think like most teams play similarly to how TSM plays. I think Immortals might be a good example or CLG even, I think they all play like- they all know how to play the game really well.

What are some of the takeaways from this match and how do you think it will shape your rematch in week 8?

I think a lot can be worked on, I think we will be focusing a lot more on ourselves, like as a team. We can't really put our focus on playing TSM in week 8 because that’s pretty far from now, and I think that the best thing that we can do to start getting wins is focusing on ourselves and seeing what we can do to get better. Obviously, in the TSM game there were a lot of windows where we could have executed fights a lot better but that was pretty much ultimately up to us, and I think we just obviously need to improve ourselves.

Any thoughts on your upcoming game against NV?

NV’s bot lane has been looking extremely good right now I think they’re definitely like a top 3 bot lane right now. Hakuho and Apollo have been playing extremely well, even last split they weren’t like outstanding but they were always like stable and pretty good, and I think right now they’re on the right track to becoming one of the best bot lanes in NA.

What effect has the recent introduction of patch 7.12 had on your strategy?

I think 7.12 actually makes it more advantageous to our team. It kind of brought back Corki which is one of Hai’s favorite champions and they kind of changed the support itemization a lot, and that kind of brings back the melee supports. I wouldn’t say that is and advantage for us, but it's something new we can kind of work off of, and if we can kind of learn the meta before the other teams can, it could be really good for us.

How active would you say you are in team communication, is Hai still shot calling or is it more of a group effort?

It’s slightly a group effort, I mean Hai always makes the final call, he’s always been a shot caller for like a really long time, and he has a lot of experience in that sense. I kind of just always do the same thing that I did with my other teams, but I do want to change the way I communicate slightly and try to make more, like set up plays, or trap plays, or just be a little more creative with what I want to do around the map.

With you, LemonNation, Balls, and Hai all being veterans who've around since just before Season 3, how has it been for you to work with relative newcomer Moon?

There’s always going to be some kind of disconnect even if you have played with other players, like even though I played with Hai and Lemon really long ago I still kind of have a disconnect with them because I was on another team for a really long time. We have to build up our communication again, and just like figure out what other players like to say a lot, what they like to do a lot, and you just have to kind of like incorporate yourself to satisfy everything around you.

As one of the more experienced players in the league are there any pet peeves or pitfalls you see new pros fall into? And what advice would you give them?

I think one thing that new pros fall into a lot is when you’re a rookie and when you start having a few good games you can get slightly overconfident. It’s like even though you’re doing really well, if you’re overconfident there will be times where you’re overstepping or overstretching, and I think that’s one thing that like every pro- they’ve always had that slight problem, there are a few pros that kind of avoid it, but that’s like the one thing I see like really often in new pro players. They win a few games, then they get over confident and start playing overly aggressive.

Are there any players or teams you are looking forward to facing?

I’m looking forward to facing IMT’s bot lane again, they’re playing really well right now and I want to play them again on stage

How would you say your team gets along with each other outside of work?

Even though we are 1 and 6 right now there’s not too much tension in the team. Like sure we’re not doing too well, and sure we need to work on a lot of things, but for the most part out of the game, we are being nice to each other. We are just a pretty happy group. In-game, we definitely get mad sometimes, but out of the game, we are always like pretty good friends.

It was Balls’ birthday recently right? Did you guys do anything special or fun for that?

Well we wanted to do something fun but Balls was like “naw I’d rather just stay home and play solo queue” so we kind of- I mean it was his birthday and he didn’t want to go out and eat so we just ended up staying at home.

Well, you cant really force fun on him I guess.

Haha, yeah

Well thanks so much for meeting with us I look forward to seeing you play again.

Awesome, thank you

While FLY would go on to lose 2-1 in their game against NV I don’t doubt for a second that they will show up ready to win next week. As I 'm sure veteran fans of Wildturtle and the others know they are never to be counted out.

Make sure to tune in and support Wildturtle and the rest of FlyQuest this Saturday when they face off against Team Dignitas.

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