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Mon Jun 05 2017
[Interview] SKT Huni after the Lucian match : "Winning at MSI felt awesome, but so did winning LCK Spring. I just want to win more and more titles."

A slow start to the season did not affect SK Telecom T1 for too long, as the MSI and LCK Spring champions defeated BBQ Olivers 2-0 in their second match of the season at the LCK. Despite losing the early lead in Set 2, SKT showed its class by retaking the lead and finishing off the BBQ nexus in a matter of minutes.

But the real news on Sunday was in the first set, when Huni finally brought out his coveted Lucian pick at an official LCK match. The results? A solo-kill on to Kennen, and earning one of the most lopsided victories in recent memory.

Here is Akshon Esports' translated interview with SKT Huni on his Lucian pick, adjustments following MSI, and his old partner Reignover.

Q: Have you adjusted to the time zone differences since the MSI?

A: I still have a bit of jet lag left in me, we've had a lot of on our schedules with LCK, practice, and random shoots. But we're trying our best to work hard. We're trying to maximize our practices by concentrating hard.

Q: Huni playing Lucian top at the LCK - how on Earth did you convince your coaches? But in all seriousness, can you explain the strategic factors that came into that pick?

A: I just used him since results have pretty good in our practices. I picked him to counter AD Kennen. Not only is the laning phase pretty good, but when it games to late-game split pushing, there is almost no case where an AD Kennen can beat Lucian. It's why I picked him, and I think the results turned out pretty good.

Q: With the loss this week, you guys have a 4-game losing streak against Samsung Galaxy. Is there a stylistic aspect that bothers SKT?

A: I don't particularly think that way. Back when we lost in spring, I wasn't playing, and we suffered from a lot of jet lag and lack of practice time in our first match. We're definitely aware of Samsung being one of the strongest teams in the LCK.

Q: The MSI win was your first major international title. Is it still surreal?

A: I wasn't completely overtaken with the MSI title. I think the win in Spring Playoffs felt a lot more surreal, because I already gained results in Korea and walked the Royal Road. Winning at MSI felt awesome, but so did winning LCK Spring. I just want to win more and more titles.

Q: What do you think is the key change and factor to success in the latest meta?

A: This meta, like previously, will depend a lot on picking champions that do well in the laning phase. Laning phase will be the crucial point, not much has changed in that aspect. But champions constantly change through patch notes, so the most important thing is to keep up and adjust to all those changes.

Q: You are now more than a split removed from playing with Reignover. What words would you like to impart to your long-standing partner (of League)?

A: I hope he plays hard and does well. I know League of Legends is not just about you practicing hard and doing well on your own, so I just hope he plays hard, enjoys the process, and tries to get the best results he can. I kind of want to buy him soju when he visits Korea.

Image Credit: SPOTV