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Thu Aug 23 2018
Asian Games South Korea Representative Ruler: "I think through the Asian Games, a lot of the older generation will finally see Esports at a globally accepted event."

The country that is known for being the best in esports, South Korea, will be attending the Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta Palembang. This is the first year in esports history that a competition based on computer games are included in the Asian Games as a demonstrative sport. South Korea will be attending to defend their crown against many other participating Asian countries.

However, South Korea is not the only strongest team in Asia. With China, Chinese Taipei, and other Asian countries following close behind, it will not be an easy task for South Korea to retain their crown.

We caught up with the South Korean League of Legends player, Ruler, who is best known for his participation and victory in the League of Legends World Championships 2017, before their team departed for Jakarta, to talk about his aspirations and what the event at the Asian Games means to him.

SK Telecom T1 Faker and Gen.G Esports Ruler pictured left to right.

Q: South Korea is considered the country that is best in Esports. Do you feel pressure, or does it make you more confident?

Personally, I don’t feel any of the pressure, but I can’t say the same for my teammates. I am a bit worried about them, but I trust them to perform when it matters during the games.

Q: Which other team do you think has the most threat to South Korea at Asian games?

China is indeed the biggest obstacle but the tournament is full of strong nations so we can’t let our guard down for any nation. I can say I am only a bit worried.

Q: How is this competition different from getting World Championship? Emotionally?

Compared to the LCK, where I play with teammates whom I practice with days on end, I haven’t really played with the members of the Korean representative team, so it’s refreshing but at the same time, awkward. But I think this will be a very good experience overall.

Q: After going to the qualifiers earlier this year, do you think you somehow changed in some way? How did it affect you?

I learned a lot from other players in terms of in-game knowledge, micro, and macro strategy. The teammates are top class players, so it gave me the confidence to perform better as well.

Q: How is the team dynamic? Who is doing the shot-calling during the game? We are very curious.

We haven’t really practiced a lot with each other, but we are becoming friendlier with each other, so I think it won’t be a problem. Shot-calling wise, usually Score or Faker take on the role and they’re doing a very good job.

Coach Zefa, and LCK star players, Score (KT Rolster), Kiin (Afreeca Freecs) pictured left to right.

Q: Since Gen G’s head coach, Edgar, is also the team coach for Asian Games, how do you help the other players adapt to his coaching style?

I worked with him before, and I learned how he operates. Just have to relay that to my teammates.

Q: Since "Esports" is a demonstrative sport, you know you don’t get the benefits of other sports, what motivates you to do well in this tournament? What kind of future can you see with Esports?

I think through this Asian games a lot of the older generation will finally see Esports at a globally accepted event so hopefully, they will be more open to Esports overall.

Photo Credits: Caitlyn

Interview Conducted by: Patty Yu

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