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Thu Aug 23 2018
Griffin Chovy: "Practice and preparation are a given, but what kind of practice we want to focus on is more important."

On August 18th, OGN hosted its last match of LCK. The 2018 LCK Summer playoffs began with Afreeca and Griffin. No one knew who was going to win before the match.

Afreeca Freecs has a senior roster with coaches that had been in the scene since it first began, whereas Griffin is the talented rookie team of Korea - full of young, talented players. After one of the most intense matchups of the year, Griffin narrowly won with a 2-3 score verses Afreeca.

We had the chance to talk to Griffin's mid laner, Jeong "Chovy" Ji-hoon after the game.

Q: You just beat Afreeca who was tearing through the Wildcard series until today. How do you feel?

It feels great. It feels really good. I can’t think of any words to describe my feelings at the moment…except that it feels great.

Q: Were you worried at all going into the games against Afreeca?

I was worried that I wouldn’t perform as well. That mentality was stuck in the back of my head. There was also a chance that Afreeca might switch things up and show strategy they haven’t used up until now. I think the team was a bit worried about that.

Q: How did you prepare for today’s set?

We looked at their previous matches during the Wildcard series to prepare for today's set and it paid off.

Q: What kind of adjustments did you make after game 3? It was match point for the Freecs and tension must’ve been high.

Ban the Shen. It was working too well for them. We had to ban it and run the next game without a Shen altogether.

"Ban the Shen." - Chovy

Q: Zoe is considered as “overpowered” by many players this patch. So why the Orianna pick into the matchup?

I actually think Zoe is weak in the current Meta (haha). That’s why I was confident that my Orianna can beat any Zoe. The opponent could get lucky and win the laning phase, but I think it’s a gambit that can be overcome with skill, so I went in with confidence that I could win with the Orianna pick.

 Q: Your next game is in September against KT Rolster. What kind of training will you/your team do during the time?

We don’t really know yet since we just beat Afreeca. Once we have a meeting, we’ll discuss what kind of direction we want to take in terms of preparation against KT. Practice and preparation are a given, but what kind of practice we want to focus on is more important. We’ll figure it out tonight.

Q: What do you think about your next opponent, KT Rolster?

It will be the hardest match, but I think we can win. We’ll prepare so we can win.

Q: Anything you want to say to your fans?

I was going through a bit of a slump but I’m glad to go all out today and win against Afreeca. To all the supporters and fans of Griffin and the staff and everyone that supports us, thank you very much and we hope to bring the victory next stage as well. Thank you.

Photos: Caitlyn

Interview Courtesy of:  Patty Yu

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