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Sat Mar 25 2017
Goodbye "eSports" - The Associated Press Ends Debate On How To Write "esports"

On Mar. 24, the Associated Press decided to put an end to the debate of the correct way to write about one of our favorite online past times, esports.

Over the years, there have been many iterations of the word "esports." We've seen  "e-Sports," "Esports," and "eSports" as some of the more popular ways to describe competitive online gaming. The controversy has finally been put to an end as yesterday at an American Copy Editors Society (APES) conference in St. Petersburg; the Associated Press decided to classify esports under the same grammatical rules that apply to the word email as one of the 200 updates to their 2017 style book.

Following the AP's decision, here are rules to keep in mind from now on when using the word "esports":

  • Within a sentence, it is written as "esports."
  • The "E" in esports will be capitalized at the beginning of a sentence.
  • Within a title or header, esports can be written as Esports or esports
  • Esports is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized mid-sentence.
In the past, the AP style previously listed esports as a word that should have been written as "e-sports." With increased press coverage of esports by various media outlets, there has been a great deal of debate on the correct form of the word as different writers adopted their preferred variation.

Similar to the word email, the hyphenated version of the esports has been retired as now that the un-hyphenated version a more commonly used term. The 2017 AP Stylebook available on May 31st will list esports alongside email as an exception to the rule of words with an "e" prefix having to be hyphenated for correctness. We at Akshon Esports previously used "Esports," but will be making the shift to "esports" to maintain correctness.

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