Team Liquid Replaces Goldenglue With Mickey, Reignover's Future Uncertain

Mon Jul 24 2017 - 6 months ago

After a disastrous start to the summer, and barely holding on for dear life thanks to their first 2-0 week, it was clear that some major changes were needed for the Team Liquid roster if the organization hoped to return to some semblance of their former glory and avoid a catastrophic repeat of the spring split.

A team that once traded blows with the best of the best in the North American LCS finds themselves once again sitting in near the bottom of the standings after several weeks of play. Truth be told, Team Liquid hasn't had a stable mid laner since the departure of Kim "FeniX" Jae-hun, and GoldenGlue had never really looked like he could fill in the shoes left by the Korean until his recent reappearance on the NA LCS stage last week.

Despite Goldenglue's recent improvement, Team Liquid will be replacing him with Sun "Mickey" Yong-min, the former mid laner for the LCK's ROX Tigers. Known for his aggressive style and devastating games on Ahri, Mickey will surely be a huge boost for the struggling Liquid roster. According to a report by ESPN, Mickey has been approved to obtain a P-1A and will be moving to the Los Angeles team house after conducting a follow-up appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul.

As per Riot's NA LCS ruleset, a team can only use two nonnative North American players aside from those who have been grandfathered into the league. This means that Team Liquid will be unable to use both Reignover and Piglet if they hope to have Mickey play as their starting mid laner. A likely scenario will be for Team Liquid to keep their star AD carry and have their reserve jungler Rami "Inori" Charagh take to the NA LCS stage while Reignover who has been struggling as of late sits on the bench.

Team Liquid has a tough schedule ahead of them as they are going up against Cloud 9, Team Dignitas and direct rival for survival FlyQuest.