Overwatch Gameplay - Doomfist Debut at Pro APEX ft Rascal - Kongdoo Panthera VS Uncia | OGN APEX S4

Sat Aug 12 2017 - 8 days ago

This Overwatch gameplay highlights the debut of Doomfist at OGN APEX featuring pro Rascal of Kongdoo Panthera. With top Tracer Birdring, the DPS duo makes their return to the 4th season of APEX against their sister team Uncia. This video also includes our interview with Birdring.

After a disappointing 7-set loss to Lunatic-hai, Kongdoo Panthera looks determined to go the distance in APEX Season 4. With Rascal already looking like one of the best Doomfists we have seen, we may quickly find ourselves in a Doomfist meta in the pro scene. Funny moments with Doomfists have already been witnessed in this first APEX match.

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