Overwatch Gameplay - USA Jake Pharah : Heat-Seeking Rockets VS Brazil ft Sinatraa Tracer Genji | World Cup

Sun Aug 13 2017 - 7 days ago

This Overwatch gameplay highlights Jake on Pharah, Soldier: 76 and Sinatraa on Tracer, Zarya, and Genji in USA's game against Brazil at the Overwatch World Cup 2017. With an enormous hero pool, Jake is often mentioned to be the Swiss Army Knife of the US, playing just about everything his team needs.

Heading into the day 2 of the group stages, Group G certainly looks like a 2-horse race between USA and Taiwan. With the winner of this group being slotted to the South Korean side of the main stage brackets, this group is surely faced with a dilemma heading into day 3 of the Overwatch World Cup.

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