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Thu Aug 03 2017
OWL News at Seoul Press Event : New Teams to be Announced Before Launch of League

With the Overwatch League Seoul team secured, former CEO of Kabam Kevin Chou appeared in his official press conference on Thursday.

He, along with Vice Chairman and Co-founder Philip Hyun joined Overwatch League's Commissioner Nate Nanzer to make their statements at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

When asked why he decided to pick Seoul, Seoul team's owner Kevin Chou made this official statement:

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. When I first started talking, there were many different cities that we could have talked about. But Philip and I were discussing about the various different cities, and the pros and cons for it. Both of us, as well as the 3rd partner, we all agreed that Seoul would be the best city to set up in. Number one, the best players, and the best players, are here in Korea. eSports was born right here in Korea, and there have been several generations of players that transformed into coaches, shout-casters, and so forth. So there is an ecosystem here, that has gone through multi-generations that have competed at the highest levels, and there is that talent base, that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. And because this is going to be a global league, we wanted to have the ability to work with the very best players and coaches to create that team.

He later continued that Seoul's roster is in the process of being finalized, and the announcements will be made approximately next week.

One of the more interesting quotes was regarding the expansion of the Overwatch League. When asked if we should expect more teams in the future, Commissioner Nate Nanzer had this to say:

Yes. There will definitely be more announcements of additional teams between now and the launch of the league.

So which city is likely to be the new entrant to the Overwatch League? We made a short list of likely candidates based on their location, appeal, and eSports history.


Europe is the most likely candidate to receive an OWL team, with no current European team having been announced for the first 7. 

1. Paris, France

  • As a central hub of Europe and with one of the most prominent teams in Overwatch completely comprised of French players (see Rogue), Paris was one of the first cities to appear on our list. With backings by PSG in other games like League of Legends, Paris might be the new center for European eSports.
2. Katowice, Poland
  • Although there are other countries that may seem more suitable for an OWL team, Katowice has traditionally been one of the most devoted cities to eSports, hosting the ESL finals every year. If Overwatch were to follow tradition, Katowice may be the next new OWL city.
3. London, England
  • A nation of English-speakers may also make the transition to the OWL a lot easier, especially in what is predicted to be a league that is heavily based in North America. As the 3rd most populated city in Europe, London may prove to be a likely destination for the next team in Overwatch League.


Asia may currently be the most financially ideal location for an Overwatch League team, simply because their competitive scene and market is more developed than the rest of the world. In fact, Korea has one of the most competitive tournaments in the world in APEX, with numerous teams in contention for a championship. 

1. Beijing, China

  • With a huge player base, China will always be in contention for one of the most ideal locations for an eSport team.
2. Hong Kong or Taiwan
  • With Hong Kong and Taiwan being traditional powerhouse regions in other eSports, the trend seems to be following with the OPC. It seems inevitable that a team from either Hong Kong or Taiwan will eventually make its way to the OWL.

North America

Although North America will always be a prime location for new investors, with 5 of the 7 teams already announced in NA, it seems unlikely we'll see another team before Europe or even Asia. However, if we do see one in the near future, it may take place somewhere the OWL hasn't ventured into, such as the southern states like Texas or near the Canadian border like Toronto.

If you want the full transcript of the hour-long news event from Seoul, follow us on Twitter or Facebook so you can be notified when it's up.

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