Riot Games Forced to Pay Ex-Footballer After Losing Lucian Skin Lawsuit

Fri Aug 11 2017 - 5 months ago

Former professional Dutch footballer Edgar Davids has won a lawsuit against Riot Games for infringing on his image and will be paid for the use of his image.

According to a report by Voetbalprimeur, Davids claims that the Striker Lucian skin in League of Legends is a ripoff of his iconic look, primarily his glasses and hairstyle. While the claim may sound a bit crazy at first, take a look at the similarities between Davids and Lucian below.

Can you see the resemblance?

Riot Games insists that League of Legends players would be able to recognize Lucian without linking a connection to Davids. However, the courts ruled that the resemblance between the two is great, and ruled in favor of Davids.

As a result of the court case, Davids will receive all within the jurisdiction of the court that Riot has generated from sales of the skin. Whether Davids will pursue further legal action in other countries is yet unknown.

Ironically, Davids was excited three years ago when he first saw the Striker Lucian skin but may have wanted some form of compensation after learning of how much Riot Games may have profited off of his trademark image.

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