Team Liquid Has The Right To Sell Their Overwatch Contenders Spot, But Not Everyone Agrees

Fri Aug 11 2017 - 5 months ago

Team Liquid who came in as the runner-ups for Overwatch Contenders Season Zero is reportedly looking to sell their spot for Season One as they plan to put their Overwatch venture on hold and disband the roster.

Considering their place as a leader in the western esports industry, few had suspected Team Liquid to join the list of organizations to pull out of Overwatch given their impressive list of investors at aXiomatic and a talented roster that has proven to be able to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of Immortals. Several players on the TL roster will remain with the organization as they shift their focus to different game titles.

Tim ‘DaHanG’ Fogarty, Andrew "id_" Trulli, and Shane ‘rapha’ Hendrixson who made a name for themselves in competitive Quake will be returning to their roots and represent Team Liquid at the upcoming Quake World Championships. Keven ‘AZK’ Larivière who has had his ban from professional CS:GO tournaments lifted by ESL is expected to reunite with his former iBUYPOWER team mates and attempt to reclaim their former glory. As for the remaining members of the team, Robert "shadder2k" Mocanu, Adam "MESR" De La Torre, and coach Dennis "INTERNETHULK" Hawelka, will likely be looking to field new opportunities, but might have difficulty given the over saturation of talent in the free agent market at the moment as everyone wants to secure a spot for themselves on an Overwatch League team.

Team Liquid has every right to figure out what to do with their Overwatch Contenders spot for Season One, but not all members of the community are happy with how Blizzard has allowed for the spot to be sold instead of giving LGE or Envision who placed in the Top 8 of Season Zero, but were unable to advance far enough in the playoffs to qualify for the next season.

Given the effort that was put in to earn their spot in Overwatch Contenders, Team Liquid should be given the right to sell their spot as it creates value both in the tournament and a means for teams to see a return on some of their investments if they wish to back out.

There has been no news of who Team Liquid plans to sell their spot to or even an official announcement that they have disbanded their Overwatch roster, but with the start of Season One on Aug. 14th, news of who will acquire the spot is expected to be released in the near future.