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Wed Aug 15 2018
Afreeca Freecs Kiin on Defeating Kingzone DragonX: "We never beat Kingzone during the regular season, not even once."

In the second round of the Wild Card selection for the LCK Summer 2018 playoffs, the Afreeca Freecs, who just came off their victory over Gen.G, overcame the Kingzone DragonX 3-1. What is becoming their own Cinderella story coming to fruition, we spoke with Afreeca Freecs' top laner, Kim “Kiin” Gi-in about his victory against one of the powerhouses in LCK.

Q: How did you feel about your win over KingzoneX Dragons today?

If anything, I am relieved that we were able to beat them. We never beat Kingzone during the regular season, not even once, so breaking that little jinx feels great. I feel confident in the next set of matches moving forward.

Q: Your opponent today, Khan, is considered to be one of the strongest Top laners in LCK. What are your thoughts on his playstyle? How did you overcome him in today's’ set?

Khan is an aggressive player. Even during the laning phase, he is super aggressive. His team uses his aggressiveness to operate the other lanes accordingly. For today’s matchup, I played a bit safely more safely than I usually do, and by doing so, I think our bottom lane was able to benefit off of it. I believe this lead to our victories.

Q: Khan picked his signature pick Jayce today. Why did you decide to choose Ornn against him?

I picked Ornn because he fit into our team composition. Also, his skills give him the utility to survive better than other champs. Since I knew Khan was going to be aggressive and skirmishes were inevitable, Ornn fit that role effectively.

Q: In today’s matches, a lot of resources were sent to the top side. Did you plan on this being the game plan against KZ or was it more of a heat-of-the-moment situation?

Not at all. It was never in our game plan to spend resources on top lane, we just adapted to the situation as it happened during the game which happened to be at the top lane.

Q: Can you talk about the plays you made in the top lane during game two and game 3? Was it all a calculated play?

I think it was a mix of luck and the opponent overstaying his welcome. It wasn’t really calculated, I would say it was more like a reaction to the situation at hand.

Q: How do you feel about going against Team Griffin in the next round of the Wild Card series?

I think both teams are strong. I wouldn’t really pick one team over the other per say, it would come down to which team’s mental and physical condition on the day of the match to decide who would win.

Q: Any final words for your fans?

I want to thank for the continued to the faithful fans that have been cheering for us. Please continue to support us. We are making good progress in our gauntlet run and we will practice hard to be victorious in this gauntlet run.

Photo Credits: Caitlyn (@noccha_)

Conducted By: Patty Yu (@Patty_Esports)

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