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Fri Aug 24 2018
Asian Games 2018 Team Chinese Taipei Maple - “Faker's strength is not to be underestimated.”

On August 24th, Chinese Taipei Esports representing teams for League of Legends and Arena of Valor left for Indonesia to attend the 2018 Asian Games. Before heading off for their flight, some members from the nation's League of Legends roster took the time to speak with Newtalk to weigh in on topics ranging from the aspirations for the event and their preparation as a team.

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(FW Betty performed quite well during the Asia Games preliminaries.)

Q: You are about to play against strong bottom lane opponents from China and South Korea, do you think you can do well against them?

Betty: I would say the same as last time, fifty-fifty percent chance.

Q; Do you have faith in winning the gold medal?

Betty: We will see how our conditions are over there. (laughs)

(FW Maple is considered the central figure of Chinese Taipei team.)

Q: Maple, you were deemed as the central figure of the team by coaches, how do you feel about that?

Maple: To be honest, I'm feeling pretty good (laughs). Just kidding. China and Korea are both really strong. I'll be extra careful when playing against them.

Q: You are about to play against Faker again. How do you feel about that? 

Maple: Even though SKT isn't doing as well at the moment, Faker's strength is not to be underestimated. I will try my best to do well.

(FW SwordArT promised to try his best against strong teams like China and Korea.)

Q: Do you have any aspiration for Asian Games?

SwordArT: Just try my best to do well I guess. China and Korea both brought out very strong players. I will try to put on my best performance.

Q: FW Morning, People have put a lot of faith in you, do you have anything you want to say?

Morning: I feel like in the jungle's also fifty-fifty. The "they are stronger than us" issue doesn't exist. (laugh)

Q: Top and jungle are both very important positions, what are GRX PK's and GRX BayBay's thoughts on that?

PK: Just do our best! We did pretty bad against them in previous matchups. We didn't perform well against them at Rift Rivals Asia. First, I think we will try to stabilize ourselves and then think about other things.

BayBay: Just play more stable.

(GRX BayBay said he will do well and not be affected by criticisms.)

Q: Facing all the criticisms from the internet, won't BayBay feel a lot of pressure to perform well?

BayBay: I did read those comments, and it is true that I didn't perform well in certain areas. I will try to fix those problems. This time I don't have many issues with my champion poll and such. I won't be that much affected by those comments. I will try my best to do well.

Q: Two different LMS teams formed the team. What kind of problems did you guys encounter when training?

Coach Refra1n: We don't have too many problems after the training session.

Coach WarHorse: We are well prepared (laughs). Because we are from different teams, so we do need to work on teamwork. The most important part is to merge the two team's different play styles, and choose the compatible champion choices and strategies.

Q: What are your feelings for representing Chinese Taipei?

Coach WarHorse: Our players are really strong, so it's a given that people have high expectations. Of course, we are under some pressure because we are the representatives of Chinese Taipei. Even though China and Korea are both powerful, but we still wish to take on a better result. We will advance from Group B, and we also hope to win the rest of the tournaments.

Q: Do you have faith in winning the Gold Medal?

Coach WarHorse: Of course (laugh).

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