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Mitch Reames
Mitch Reames is a recent graduate of the University of Oregon where he worked eSports into coverage of Oregon Athletics. He has a love for Hearthstone, hitting legend a couple of times, but he prefers to play innovative decks at Rank 5. Arena is his specialty with over 4000 wins in the mode. Past Hearthstone, Mitch plays a lot of CS:GO, Overwatch and Rocket League.
2 years ago
Max Bateman, Ex-NRG OWL Manager, Denies sexual assault allegations, Potentially Pursuing Legal Action
On Sunday, November 5th Twitch streamer Krystlin accused San Francisco Shock manager Max Bateman of sexual assault. In accordance with NRG’s zero-tolerance policy, Bateman was let go by the organization […]
2 years ago
Three Teams to Look Out for at Rocket League Championship Series Season 4 Finals
After a crazy weekend with Samsung Galaxy's historic 3-0 victory over SKT at the 2017 League of Legends World Championships, the Overwatch World Cup, and the various announcements at BlizzCon […]
2 years ago
Hearthstone Royalty Gathers at the BlizzCon Inn-vitational
The lineup for the Hearthstone BlizzCon Inn-vitational has been announced and it is full of the game's biggest names. Headliners include Octavian "Kripparian" Morosan, the number one Hearthstone streamer; James "Firebat" […]
2 years ago
Why Traditional Sports Video Games Struggle To Function As Esports
The most popular titles in esports aren't sports games. This seems like an odd contradiction at first glance, but when the industry is taken into consideration it makes sense. Esports […]
2 years ago
Joe Lacob, Golden State Warriors Majority Owner, Has Reportedly Secured An NALCS Franchise Spot
The Golden State Warriors' majority owner Joe Lacob has been accepted as the latest franchise owner in the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NALCS), according to a report […]
2 years ago
The Case for Rocket League as the Next Big Esport
When trying to explain esports to friends and family, a person may start with MOBA's like League of Legends or DOTA 2. Maybe it is FPS games like Overwatch or […]
2 years ago
NRG Esports Announces San Francisco's Overwatch League Roster
Organizations around the globe have come up with different ways to finance the $20 million it takes to join the inaugural season of the Overwatch League and the hefty costs […]
2 years ago
Top 5 Most Expensive Top Tier Decks in The History of Hearthstone
Cash Rules Everything Around Me To create the most expensive deck in Hearthstone history, there are a few simple steps one can follow. First, be Kripp. Second, fill your deck […]
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