Boston Major 2018: Team Power Rankings (24-11)
24. Quantum Bellator Fire     This is what happens when you remove the major qualifier. Quantum are ranked 74th in the world. They are the worst team at this […]
Thu Jan 11 2018 -
11 days ago
Can you be an Analyst Without Being an Ex-Pro?
Why do players so often think that non-pro analysts are incapable of understanding the game at their level? I’ve been told this multiple times--in a friendly, unassuming way since I’m […]
Thu Jan 04 2018 -
17 days ago
Boston Major Preview: Is Mousesports for real?
Mousesports has been the definition of a tier 2 team for almost the entirety of their existence in competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As of late, they have been picking up steam […]
Wed Jan 03 2018 -
18 days ago
Why Counter-strike’s Free-market Model Is Superior To That Of LoL’s Controlled System
Often in esports, game developers are compelled have a significant degree of influence within their game's competitive scene in addition to their complete and total control of all happenings in […]
Tue Dec 26 2017 -
a month ago
Boston Major: How All Challengers Can Become Legends
Kicking off 2018, the best teams in Counter-Strike will be making their way to Boston to compete for bragging rights and the lion's share of the 1 million dollar prize […]
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