Godsent Signs Former Penta Esports Nasu As Their New Coach
Godsent, a Swedish eSports organization, has acquired the former Penta Esports coach Niko "Nasu" Kovanen while their interim coach Graham "Messioso Pitt with returning to RFRSH Entertainment, the team announced […]
Thu Oct 05 2017 -
17 days ago
Denial Esports CEO Reportedly Seeks Merger With Another CS:GO Team In A Desperate Attempt for Money
Robby Ringnalda, the CEO of Denial Esports, has reportedly been in contact with another esports organization with the proposal of a merger so that he can properly pay his Counter Strike: Global […]
Wed Oct 04 2017 -
18 days ago
Splyce Pulls Off A Huge Upset Vs. SK Gaming On Inferno - ESL Pro League S6
Despite the Betway odds being against them at 11.0 to 1.0, Splyce managed to pull off a huge upset on Inferno to steal away a win from SK Gaming, one […]
Wed Oct 04 2017 -
19 days ago
Where Does Team Dignitas Stand In The Current CS:GO Landscape?
With 2017 entering its last quarter, how has Team Dignitas faired this year in the competitive Counter-Strike scene?
Fri Sep 29 2017 -
23 days ago
Does Good Analysis Need To Be Specific?
What makes for good analysis in CS:GO? Sam explores the differences between "good" and "narrative" analysis in response to the Launders' idea of "good analysis is specific. Anything else is narration.”
Thu Sep 21 2017 -
a month ago
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