Soccer Champions Spartak Moscow sign Dota 2 Roster
Spartak Moscow is a Russian sports organization best known for their football club, who are currently the champions of the Russian Premier League. Besides their association with the football club, [
Sat Sep 16 2017 -
a month ago
Immortals Enters Dota 2 By Signing The Members of Team Phoenix
Immortals have signed the members of Team Phoenix to mark their entry into the Dota 2 scene and joins the race for the coveted Aegis in the upcoming competitive season.
Thu Sep 14 2017 -
a month ago
Buy Or Sell Post Ti7 Edition - North America
Buy or sell is my way of talking about teams and players I believe are headed on an incline (buy) and teams and players I think are due to expect a decline (sell), a game of unrealized potential versus bad formations and peak results. Teams I believe to have insufficient results based on player caliber, are likely to implode or have roster changes, or won’t last at all will still also be "sells."
Wed Sep 13 2017 -
a month ago
CIS Shuffle
The Post International shuffle has yet again rocked the foundations of the professional Dota 2 scene worldwide. No region was spared from the big roster shuffles happening. In the CIS [
Fri Sep 08 2017 -
a month ago
Mousesports Are Sticking Together
Despite mousesports' notoriety of dropping rosters immediately after a bad TI performance, the merry band of Greeks has decided to stick together and stay loyal to their German organization. The [
Wed Sep 06 2017 -
2 months ago
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