Philadelphia 76ers Buy League of Legend Teams
The Philadelphia 76ers have acquired League of Legend teams of Dignitas and Apex Gaming. This acquisition comes a year after a presentation on the potential of Esports at the NBA […]
Mon Sep 26 2016 -
a year ago
Is It Too Late For Esports League? - HoTS
Heroes of the Storm was designed with the intention as an Esport, but it never took off as the next big Esport title which Blizzard had hoped despite featuring iconic […]
Fri Sep 23 2016 -
a year ago
Blizzard Celebrates 25th Anniversary With A Giant Lich King
In honor of the 25th anniversary since the founding of Blizzard Entertainment this year, a epic milestone was matched by the creation of an almost as impressive statue in Taichung, […]
Thu Jul 28 2016 -
a year ago
Heroes of The Storm Player Threatens Blizzard Headquarters With An AK-47
Sephen Cebula, a 28 year-old gamer from Sacramento California, was finishing a night of playing Heroes of the Storm when he decided to send a message to Blizzard Entertainment and […]
Mon Jul 25 2016 -
a year ago
Tempo Storm's New Tempest - HotS
Remember when Tempo Storm dropped their Heroes of the Storm team and staff back in June without any reason as to why? Well...the organization has just announced that they have […]
Fri Jul 22 2016 -
a year ago
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