Tournament Organizing Platform Raises $11 Million In Capital Funding is a tournament platform that has become a staple tool for event organizers in the FGC, and has raised a total of $11 million after a successful round of capital […]
Thu Aug 03 2017 -
17 days ago
Ryan Ford On The State of Canadian Melee and Origin of Unknown522 | SSBM Interview
Ryan Ford is a Canadian Smash Bros Melee Fox main from Ontario who formerly went by the tag Unknown522. He is currently ranked 37th on the Summer 2017 SSBM Rankings […]
Tue Aug 01 2017 -
19 days ago
Leffen Repeats as GOML 2017 Champion, The Dark Side of The Moon Reveals Itself
Big Leff This past weekend, Get On My Level 2017 took place in Toronto, Canada. Drawing talent from across North America, one player's story line was at the forefront: William […]
Mon Jul 31 2017 -
20 days ago
A Look at the Smash Masters at Super Smash Con 2017
Super Smash Con 2017 will be taking place from August 10-13, and will feature a Smash Masters bracket. Those vying to be the Smash Master will compete in a gauntlet that spans all official […]
Mon Jul 31 2017 -
20 days ago
SSBM Top 5 New School Marth Mains
In Super Smash Bros. Melee, a character that has long dominated the scene has been Marth. In recent years, however, Marth's reign over the game has dwindled, as high level […]
Fri Jul 28 2017 -
23 days ago
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