How many Bronze players are there? Overwatch Competitive Mode Rank Distribution Data
Jeff reveals to the community the Competitive Mode tier distribution data with some interesting numbers: Link: Korean Overwatch continues to deliver high-quality event production value. Watch the full match between […]
- 2 days ago
Now Entering Stage 2 of the Overwatch League
The Overwatch League is back in action with Stage 2, who will come up on top? Are you excited for the new changes? […]
- 2 days ago
FaZe Drops Overwatch, Puppy Rumble, New Maps Stage 2 & Kai'Sa - Daughter of the Void
FaZe Clan has quietly backed out of Overwatch for the time being after failing to sell off their Contenders spot and opening up the opportunity for another team to qualify […]
- 3 days ago
Overwatch League Team Signs RunAway Player - The Meaning Behind Shields Up
Runner announced on stream that he is heading to military service and that one member of RunAway has been signed by an Overwatch League team. Link: Kongdoo Panthera's Wakawaka has […]
- 4 days ago
5 days ago
New Overwatch Contenders Roster Leaks? - Stylosa On Being A British Consultant
7 days ago
Dallas Fuel CEO Responds To ESPN Player Signing Leak
8 days ago
PROfiles: Brady "Agilities" Girardi | The Canadian DPS Prodigy of LA Valiant